The AMMA-2050 project aims to bring together a broad range of expertise to better understand how West African climate will change, and crucially, to translate this knowledge for decision-makers, explicitly accounting for uncertainty. Applying expert judgement to these outputs, we will identify impacts and adaptation options in water resources and agriculture, including targeted studies on urban flooding and crop breeding. Specialist material will be presented here during the course of the project.

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Project OutlineSummary of the project background and objectives
Media item: Washington PostHuge storms in northern Africa have tripled since the 1980s. Scientists blame climate change.  Newspaper article on Nature publication 
BRACED-AMMA2050 joint workshopDeveloping decision-relevant climate information and supporting its appropriate application:
Learning from the Zaman Lebidi BRACED consortium in Burkina Faso and collaboration with AMMA2050

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Linking global warming with recent trends in intense storms in West Africa, on the FCFA YouTube site: 

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